Incomplete communication between GC iDevices and RS232 TV.

Hello all.

Device protocol is attached.

We have a dell precision M65 notebook (which has an rs232 port).

Before installation of the in wall TV, we tested  cable (custom made using CAT 5e and 15m long) from the dell using the Hercules Utility.

The TV responded to all requests and gave feedback. (cable working)

Installed the GC100 and replicated port settings as per dell and attached protocol.

Now TV will not respond and we get incomplete responses.

Removed TV from wall and replaced with (retail cable 1m long) again tested with hercules.

Upgraded to iTach and still the same problem. Works from dell but not from iDevices   :-(

We just get the 1st line out of 3 lines of responses from the TV.

Any thoughts?


IR RS232 codes 4 0 7_copy.pdf


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