iConvert: Converting IR code formats

iConvert allows conversion of IR codes from and to various IR formats.  iConvert can be obtained from our downloads page:

IR codes can also be obtained through our IR database which can be found here.

Step 1: Paste the IR code into iConvert

Paste the IR code to be converted into the Input field of the iConvert interface using the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut.


Step 2: Select the source IR format

IR codes can be obtained in several common IR formats.  Before converting the code the source IR format must be determined.  To determine what IR format your IR codes are in the following format descriptions are provided.

Once the IR source format has been determined it should be inputted in the Convert From drop-down of the Conversion frame in iConvert.


Global Caché: The Global Caché format is the most common format used with Global Caché devices.  Global Caché formatted IR codes start with the string `sendir` which makes them easy to identify.  The Global Caché source format in iConvert can also accept Global Caché Compressed (aka GC compressed) IR codes as GC compressed is a subset of the Global Caché format.

Example code:


GC JSON: The GC JSON format is used with Global Caché devices that support a HTTP API.  GC JSON codes can be identified by the codes being encapsulated in brackets as well as the use of key value pairs.

Example code:

{"frequency": 38000,"irCode": "96,64,64,32,32,64,32,64,32,64,32,64,32,32,32,3450","preamble": "","repeat": 3}

Hex: The Hex or Pronto Hex format is a common IR format used by 3rd party IR databases.  Pronto Hex IR codes start with "0000" and are made up of 4 digit hexadecimal values separated by spaces.

Example code:

0000 006D 0000 0008 0060 0040 0040 0020 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0D7A

Control Tower Code (Send Code Set) and (Send Code): The Control Tower Code (Send Code Set) and (Send Code) formats are not in fact IR formats, but are instead selections for inputting IR codes directly from our Control Tower IR database emails for conversion.  When using the Control Tower database the user can either send the entire codeset using the "Send Code Set" button, or send a single code using the "Send Code" button.  When converting from the resulting IR code/code set the user should select the format that matches the button used to obtain the IR code/code set.

example code (from Send Code Set):

"POWER TOGGLE","sendir,1:1,1,38000,3,1,96,64,64,32,32,64,32,64,32,64,32,64,32,32,32,3450","0000 006D 0000 0008 0060 0040 0040 0020 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0D7A",,

example code (from Send Code):

code set: 555

function: POWER TOGGLE

code1: sendir,1:1,1,38000,3,1,96,64,64,32,32,64,32,64,32,64,32,64,32,32,32,3450

hex code1: 0000 006D 0000 0008 0060 0040 0040 0020 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0D7A


Step 3: Select Resultant IR format

The Convert To drop-down determines what IR format the IR code will be converted to and should be entered in the Conversion frame.


The following IR formats can be converted to using iConvert. 

Note: While we've attempted to describe the IR formats below to help determine which IR format is most likely suitable for your control software if in doubt it is always best to check with the control software provider to determine which IR format the software requires.

Global Caché:  The Global Caché format is supported by all Global Caché IR transmitting devices.  Most control software that supports our devices will support this format.

Global Caché (Compressed): The Global Caché (Compressed) format is a subset of the Global Caché format.  The compressed format replaces pulse pairs with letters.  While simple this compression can greatly reduce the length of an IR code and is therefore very useful when working with control software that imposes a character or byte limit on transmissions.  The Global Caché (compressed) format is not supported by the GC-100 family of products.

GC JSON: The GC JSON format is supported by Global Caché products that support a HTTP API and is used with Control software that utilizes the HTTP API of these devices.

Hex:  The Pronto Hex IR format is a common 3rd party IR format.  While many Global Caché devices do not support this format directly some drivers accept this IR format which is internally converted to one of the Global Caché compatible IR formats within the driver.

Step 4: Convert

To complete the conversion simply click the Convert button.  The resulting converted IR code should be outputted in the Output view within iConvert.  Codes can be copied from the Output view using the CTRL+C keyboard shortcut.



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