Integrating iTach WiFi units with Ubiquiti APs

The iTach WiFi uses an older 802.11b wireless protocol. This protocol is not enabled by default on Ubiquiti APs.

To enable 802.11b and allow the iTach WiFi to connect follow the instructions below:

1) From the home page of the Unifi management screen, select the "Settings" Icon on the bottom left.
2) Once in Settings, select Wireless Networks
3) Click on the "pencil" icon on the far upper right of the screen to edit the "WLAN Group" settings. NOT the "EDIT" on the same line as the AP Wireless Network name.
4) Select the checkbox for "Enable legacy device support (i.e. 11b)".

5) Edit: Set the Name fields to match the WLAN group name that contains the wireless network the iTach will be connected to.
6) Click on "SAVE"



UAP-HD Users:

A recent user report indicates that on UAP-HD APs the 2G minimum data rate may also need to be changed.

Change 2G Data Rate Control from 6Mbps to 1Mbps:

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    Krister Ekberg

    I upgraded my unify controller to 5.11.50 and after that the itach refused to connect to to the wifi. 

    After countless resets and re-setups i gave up and reverted the controller software to 5.11.47 and the itach started working again. 

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    I've the exact same problem.
    My current config:

    Also unifi controller 5.11.50
    UniFi AP-AC-Pro version
    Lagacy mode is on.
    minimum data rate control 1mbps on 2.4 radio.
    Also the SSID For 2.4 and 5 GHz is splitterd.
    DTIM: default values checked.

    The Itach is standing under a access point, so it could not be a out of range problem.

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    Garrett Gustafson

    Hello Krister and Julian,

    Thank you for the reports.  We have obtained an AP-AC-Pro AP for testing and are able to successfully connect the iTach WiFi with the following controller and AP versions.

    UniFi Controller: 5.12.35

    UniFi AP-AC-Pro version:

    If either of you are still seeing issues on the latest versions above please send an email to and we can troubleshoot further.

    Best regards,


    Edited by Garrett Gustafson
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