Integrating iTach WiFi units with Ubiquiti APs

The iTach WiFi uses an older 802.11b wireless protocol. This protocol is not enabled by default on Ubiquiti APs.

To enable 802.11b and allow the iTach WiFi to connect follow the instructions below:

1) From the home page of the Unifi management screen, select the "Settings" Icon on the bottom left.
2) Once in Settings, select Wireless Networks
3) Click on the "pencil" icon on the far upper right of the screen to edit the "WLAN Group" settings. NOT the "EDIT" on the same line as the AP Wireless Network name.
4) Select the checkbox for "Enable legacy device support (i.e. 11b)".

5) Edit: Set the Name fields to match the WLAN group name that contains the wireless network the iTach will be connected to.
6) Click on "SAVE"



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