Factory Reset a Global Connect Module

Factory resetting a global connect module will clear all settings and configuration and bring the module back to DHCP.  If no DHCP server is present factory defaulted modules will take sequential IP addresses left to right (looking at the unit with the power/network module on the left) starting at

Factory Default:

  1. Locate the left-most LED/lightpipe on the module.
  2. Press the LED/lightpipe for 10 seconds. At 10 seconds all LEDs/lightpipes on the module will begin flashing rapidly indicating a reset will be performed.
  3. Release the LED/lightpipe.


Units on the 02 firmware or higher now also support factory reset through the web interface. 

  1. Enter the unit's IP address in your browser
  2. Select "Advanced Settings"
  3. Select "Factory Reset"
  4. Confirm dialog box


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