iLearn: Supported Learners

iLearn is a utility that allows for learning IR codes from an IR remote.

The following learners are supported:

Product Interface Standalone/Built In
GC-IRL RS232 (COM port)* Standalone learner
GC-IRE** RS232 (COM port)* Standalone learner
Global Connect IR module Network Built in learner
iTach Flex IP or iTach Flex WiFi Network Built in learner
iTach IP2IR/IP2CC/IP2SL or iTach WF2IR/WF2CC/WF2SL Network Built in learner

 * The GC-IRE and GC-IRL can also be plugged into an RS232 on one of our networked serial prodcuts (e.g. GC-100-06 or GC-100-12). This allows the learners to be accessed over the network.

**The GC-IRE is a long-range learner and requires an additional receiver cable.  It is designed for specific applications beyond the scope of this forum post and is not recommended for typical learning applications with iLearn.

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