FAQ: How to make a direct connection to an ethernet device for troubleshooting

When troubleshooting connectivity issues it can sometimes be helpful to confirm connectivity in a simpler network environment.

Note 1: The IP addresses in this FAQ only apply to factory defaulted units.  Units already configured for a static IP address will have different IP address settings.

Note 2: This FAQ assumes that the ethernet port on the PC supports Auto MDIX.  While almost all modern network cards support this feature, if Auto MDIX is not supported a crossover cable must be used.

The following steps can be followed to make a direct connection to a unit:

  1. Unplug the GC unit from power.
  2. Connect the GC unit via ethernet to the PC.
  3. On the PC set a static IP address. 
  4. Power up the GC unit and wait approximately 1 minute to ensure the unit has fully booted.  The IP address of for the unit can be confirmed by running iHelp.
  5. Enter in your web browser and confirm that the webpages can be reached.  If the webpages load the unit is communicating on the network.


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