How do I use a higher voltage input on the GC contact closure devices?

All Global Caché contact closure solutions are rated for 24v/500mA maximum. We see circumstances where you will need a higher voltage circuit to be controlled. If the circuit is right at the maximum or above, the relays make get stuck, or may fuse together, voiding the warranty.

An intermediate relay module can be used to connect to devices with higher current or voltage requirements. The GC relay device can be used to control the input to the module allowing control of the larger relays. One such device can be found below:

On the module above with the pictured jumper settings Relay 1 can be controlled by connecting the GC devices relay between IN1 and DC+ on the input terminal."

This is only a recommendation, and we do not offer support for the device directly.

This solution should work with our following devices:

  • GC-100-12/18/18R
  • iTach IP2CC and WF2CC
  • Flex (WiFi or Ethernet) coupled with the Flex Link Relay & Sensor cable (FLC-RS)


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