FAQ: My Flex Wifi unit is not connecting to the wireless network

While configuring the Flex Wifi (FLEX-WF) unit in Adhoc mode, you may run into challenges attempting to add the unit to your wireless network. Below is a list of known issues that users have encountered:

  • The Flex Wifi is 802.11g, 2.4 gHz. Networks without allowed connectivity for 802.11g will not allow Flex connectivity.
  • Wifi channels 12 and 13 are not supported. These are normally only seen on non-US routers.
  • Network security type, SSID and security information are case sensitive, and must be correctly and identically entered to allow for iTach connectivity.
  • If all of these fail, change the wireless radio mode for the network to 802.11g only mode. If your unit connects once this setting is changed, then the wireless router or access point you are using does not properly implement a mixed radio mode and will need to stay in 802.11g only mode or a new wireless router or access point must be added to the network.


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