FAQ: My iTach Flex doesn't detect any wireless networks, how do I provision my device?

Note: This issue has been fixed in a firmware update for the iTach Flex.

The latest version of iHelp (used to update units) can be found at When attempting to connect the iTach Flex with firmware version 710-2000-10 to a wireless network we have become aware of an issue that can cause the webpages not to display any available wireless networks in dense areas where large amounts of wireless networks are available. This issue will be fixed in the next firmware update release, however for users experiencing the issue we have developed a simple alternative webpage that can be used to provision the iTach Flex.

Once initially provisioned the iTach Flex will operate as normal and this process will not need to be repeated unless the unit is physically reset. To provision the iTach Flex open the following file in your computer's web browser Provision Flex. Once the file is opened connect to the iTach Flex's wireless network. Enter in your network settings as explained below and click Submit. The unit will Reboot and connect to the specified network. Below are the fields that are required and a brief explanation of each:

Flex IP: (default for a new or reset unit)
netBIOS Name: Network name (i.e. HomeTheaterFlex)
SSID: Name of the wireless network you are connecting to.
Security Mode: Encryption type of your network.
WPA/WPA2 Mixed Mode: We recommend NOT using mixed mode. Please enable "WPA2 Only", as available.
Security Key: Pass phrase for your wireless network.

If there are any questions please send an e-mail to and one of our support agents will be happy to assist you.


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