FAQ: I receive a File Not Found error when visiting the Flex Webpages, how do I fix it?

The 404 File Not Found Error is due to a missing or corrupted webpage file on the Flex File System.  This error may also appear as a content decoding error.  The error can occur if the File System is unintentionally formatted, or if the Flex is unplugged during sensitive writes to the Flex File System. 

Fortunately if this error occurs the webpages on the Flex can be reuploaded using the iHelp utility.  The webpages can be reuploaded by following these steps:

  1. With a PC or Mac connect to the network that the Flex is on.
  2. Open iHelp and wait for it to discover any Flex units.
  3. Right click on the unit and select "Format Flex Filesystem".
  4. After completion right click on the unit and select "Update Firmware".
  5. Wait for the update to complete and then enter the units IP address in your browser to continue with configuration.

If iHelp does not detect the unit, but it has a valid IP address make sure you have the latest iHelp, then right click and click "Add Unit by IP".  Enter the unit's IP address and confirm.  Now proceed from step 3 above.

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