FAQ: How can I test the serial connection on my GC-100-xx, iTach WF2SL/IP2SL, or Flex with Flex Link Serial cable?

This process applies to all GC RS232 capable devices: GC-100-xx, iTach WF2SL/IP2SL, or Flex with Flex Link Serial cable

The simplest method to test the transmit and receive of the RS232 serial port is described below:

  • First, download and open the GC utility iTest.exe, found on the downloads page here:
  • After opening, select the serial port to test. For the GC-100, there is the option of Serial 1 (4999), or Serial 2 (5000).
  • For the iTach and iTach Flex devices, select Serial 1 (4999).
  • "Flow Control" should be disabled on the web configuration page, or through API command.
  • Type in the IP address of the GC device, and click "Connect".
  • Once connected, create a short between pins 2 and 3 on the DB9 connector of the serial port, creating a hard loop. A short is created by using a metal conductor between the 2 pins simultaneously. If using a female DB9 interface, a paperclip inserted into the pinholes will work. If using a male DB9 connector, use a flathead screwdriver and maintain contact while sending the test characters as described below.

  • If you are using a FLEX with FLEX LINK 232 SERIAL CABLE, and have the "Gender Changer/Crossover" field set to YES, with a Gender Changer attached, the pins to test will be shifted. You will need to short what is seen as pins 3 and 4 as it appears on the diagram above, instead of 2 and 3.
  • While the pins are shorted, type any characters into the Command String box in iTest, and click "Send".  If the serial port is functioning,  those characters will appear in the "ASCII Response" field. 



 A successful response will confirm that the serial connection is functioning.  

If the response is unsuccessful, then double-check the settings and the loop, and try again.

If there continues to be issues, contact [email protected] for further assistance.

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