Windows 8.1 Pro and ad hoc WiFi networks

It has recently come to our attention that Microsoft made a breaking change in Windows 8.1 Pro and removed ad hoc networks from its available wireless networks list. There has been much complaining about this change in the Microsoft forums (Google 'windows 8.1 cannot see ad hoc'), but to our knowledge, Microsoft has not responded.

This introduces a hurdle to configuring the iTach and iTach Flex WiFi-enabled units since the initial configuration requires access to the temporary ad hoc wireless network that the unit broadcasts.

The good news is that you may still be able to connect using your Windows 8.1 computer. We have found that many manufacturers of WiFi adapters provide their own connection software that will usually allow you to view and connect to ad hoc networks. Unfortunately, this is dependent on the specific manufacturer and their choices in hardware and software development. There are thousands of possibilities in this area, and we have no information on compatibility or functionality of specific WiFi manufacturers or adapters.

As a reliable workaround, we recommend using another WiFi enabled computer or mobile device with a browser to connect to the ad hoc wireless network and then use its browser to set the initial network configuration. Once the unit is connected to your regular WiFi network, you can use the Windows 8.1 computer to access the device configuration via a browser or use our other Windows based tools ( to discover and test the unit.

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