FAQ: Serial port redirector (Virtual COM port)


I would like to use the serial ports on my GC-100, iTach, or iTach Flex, but my software only recognizes serial ports local to the computer (e.g. "COM1"). Can I make a Global Caché serial device appear as 'real' COM port on my computer?


Yes!  Special applications/drivers are available to create a 'virtual' COM port on your computer, then redirect the data over the network to the Global Caché serial device. Eterlogic's free "Virtual Serial Ports Emulator" is one great example, and can be downloaded at  After installing the software, please follow the steps below to perform the required one-time setup/configuration.  

(Note: Use of this or other similar functionality software is not supported by Global Caché, but is offered as a possible solution for users who are interested.)

1.  Create the 'virtual' COM port that will be used to communicate with the Global Caché device.
    a.  Select Device -> Create
    b.  For Device Type, select Connector, and click Next.
    c.  In the "Specify Device Type" window that appears, select an available COM port from the drop-down list (e.g. COM1)
    d.  Click Finish

2. Create the "TcpClient" to connect to the Global Caché device on the network, and link with the virtual COM port created in step 1...
   a. Select Device -> Create
   b. For Device Type, select TcpClient, and click Next.
   c. For Remote TCP Host, enter the IP address of the Global Caché serial device, then for Remote TCP port, enter 4999 for port 1 or 5000 for port 2 (GC-100 only)
   d. For Source serial port, select the COM port you created in step 1 (usually it is already selected by default).
   e. Click Finish.

That's it!   Using any software, you can now connect to the Global Caché Serial device using a normal COM port on your PC!

The above setup/configuration process is illustrated in the following video... (Note: the video repeats continuously)



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    Brian Kerth

    We have received from feedback that some people may have trouble using the Eterlogic VSPE with Windows 10. We are investigating this issue and looking into alternatives. According to some of our customers, the 64-bit paid version of VSPE does work properly. Contact Eterlogic directly for support and additional information.

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    Justin Turnage

    I use Tactical Software's Serial/IP COM Port Redirector with all my other brands of serial over IP devices. It works with Win 10 and Win 7 without any issues at all.

    I just purchased two iTach Flex's and two because Id like to start using them exclusively on my job's. The problem is I can't get them to communicate using serial cable. 

    The flex's work great for IR but won't work for serial even after reconfiguring them through web GUI and trying the software above.

    Please Help! and thanks in advance!

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    I tried com0com and VSPD by Eterlogic but had some troubles on 64bit Win OS. Now I'm using Virtual Com Port by Eltima. As for me pretty good soft. If you want to test this one, here is it: 


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    Tobias Bardeo

    Have anybody tryed this Virtual Com Port driver? I'm using Windows 10

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    Tobias Bardeo I am using it with Windows 10 64-bit and having no problems at least so far.

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    I have recently tested Eterlogic VSPE according to the steps in this FAQ with Windows 10 64-bit Version 1803, and it worked correctly.

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