Tech Tip: GC-100 Discovery Beacon

Global Caché Network Adapter hardware features a beacon message that can assist in locating units on the network. The beacon is a UDP packet sent to the multicast IP address on UDP port number 9131. Any system listening to this address and port will receive the periodic beacon message. The message is sent 3 seconds after power on and then at random intervals of 10 to 60 seconds thereafter.


The beacon message has the following format:




The UUID value contains the unique MAC address of the unit and is also the name registered with the DHCP server. The Model value can be either GC-100-12 or GC-100-06. A GC-100-18 will report back as model GC-100-12.

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    VU World

    I'm having trouble detecting the beacon using Qt 4.8's udp multicasting functions... Is there anything I need to be aware of?

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