IR Emitter distance on a GC-100-12

From a customer working with a GC-100-12 emitter

After playing around with the IR emitter I found that the IR receiver at 

the Panasonic TV (P50VT20E) was located to the left of what I thought
was the IR Receiver,
which is not visible (as on this drwaing) when you are looking at the
front of the TV. I don't know what the visible "hole" right to the IR
receiver is used for?!

After placing the emitter correctly I discovered that I could not Power
on the TV everytime using the iRule application.
The TV apparently have two different modes: one mode right after it has
been powered off (I call it light sleep) and another mode after a while
which is "deeper sleep mode.
You can actually hear the TV clicks when going into the second mode.
iRule had no difficulties powering on from "light sleep mode" but
wouldn't work in "deep sleep mode".
I solved this in iRule where I changed the number of times the IR signal
was transmitted from 3 times to 5 times.
Now it works everytime :-)


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