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I am trying to learn the control codes for my Sony hardware, but the codes I learn are not working. What am I doing wrong?


There are known issues related to the capture and transmission of Sony IR control codes. In order to work around a hardware shortcoming in the Sony IR receiver, Sony IR codes are sent 3 times with a short (but still lengthy) gap between the 3 sections of coding. What you need to do to fix these codes is to isolate out the first section of code, which is ended with a long gap. Below is a command I will use for example:




You can derive information from the code by examining some key aspects. The code does not repeat internally, since there is only one long gap (the one at the end). This means that this is either the whole code, or a fragment of the whole code (can't be sure it's the whole thing until it works). Let's use another example to keep going here:




This code cleanly repeats twice with a long gap in the middle, and a long gap at the end. Were you to line the code up in a notepad window, you could isolate out the non-pulse info at the beginning of the code ("sendir,1:3,1,38000,1,1,"), and see that the code is identical by turning on word wrap and tightening the width of the window down until the repeating parts line up vertically. This is where you will make your alteration. If you have a code that is a single string, copy the pulse information, and make sure that it repeats 3 times. Once you have done that, the long pulses in the middle of the command string (usually from 1600 to 3000ish) should be changed to 1000. The Sony hardware responds to 3 quick command strings being sent sequentially so that the Sony hardware has time for its IR receiver to come up to the proper frequency.

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