FAQ: How Do I Learn IR Codes Using Global Caché Hardware?


How do I use Global Caché products to learn the codes to control my TV/DVD Player/IR receiving device?


First, one should understand what an IR code is. An IR code consists of on and off pulses, which are represented by a numeric string. Each on pulse must have a corresponding off pulse, which means that you must have an even amount of values for the code to work. To determine the length and value of your on/off pairs, you will need a Global Caché IR learner. If using the GC-100 family of products, there are multiple options. The GC-IRL is a serially connected IR learner that connects to your GC-100 or a PC's COM port. The GC-IRE is a serially connected device which can be used with a sensor to catch IR signals. A GC-IRE with a GC-RG1 connected to a GC-100 or COM port will be recognized as a learner. In the iTach family of products, each and every unit contains an on board IR learner, which is located in the small hole below and to the right of the power port.
Now all you need is an application to control and use your IR learner. Go to and download the free iLearn.exe application. Once running, choose which learner scenario you have: GC-IRL on GC-100, GC-IRL Serial or iTach Learner, enter the IP address of the unit, or the COM port to which your GC-IRL is connected, and press connect. If you are using a GC-IRE with a GC-RG1, act as though it is a GC-IRL, designate the IP address or COM port and press connect. At this point, all you need to do is fire codes into the learner. Codes successfully captured by the learner will show on the main window of iLearn. Depending upon the equipment meant to finally receive the learned IR code, a certain length of coding needs to be sent. A good way to test this is to begin by repeatedly testing one button, watching what happens to the captured code string when the button is held down for a length of time, or if it is only fired once. Depending upon the controller and the device meant to receive the code, it could take a little experimentation to make things work the way you want them to. Global Caché format IR codes begin with "sendir,<module>:<connector>,<ID>,<Frequency>,<repeat>,<offset>", followed by the on/off pulse values. IR commad syntax is fully documented in both the GC-100 API, and the iTach API. iLearn use is documented further in the iLearn Tutorial in the support section of our website.

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