Solved: iTach WiFi Continuous Reboot Problem

Recently, an issue arose which caused a group of iTach WiFi units (primarily the WF2IR) to get stuck in their initial boot and continuously reboot. This is characterized by the unit flashing all LEDs as it initially boots, waiting a moment, then flashing all LEDs again repetitively (delay, flash sequence, delay, flash sequence etc). The cause of this problem was an isolated batch of a wireless related part, which has been fully filtered from our production process for some time and is no longer a continuing issue. If you have one of these units or have gotten one in the past, we apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. If you see your unit present this symptom, send a message to us with an explanation that you are getting the continuous reboot, as well as your shipping information, to and we will swap out your unit for a fresh one from our facilities.

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