New Functionality in iTest 1.1!

The new version of iTest has been released, and there are plenty of reasons to download the new version!

  • iTest will now ping IP addresses prior to connection to prevent attempting to connect to non-existent units.
  • When using the Literal send function, all Global Caché commands have a carriage return automatically added to the end.
  • iTest now contains an error code listing to ease the process of command troubleshooting.
  • iTest's Mixed send function now supports most common delimiters for hex characters including /x, \x, 0x, and |.
  • iTest now supports character based shortcuts (alt+c to connect) and will allow for the Enter key to execute the Literal send function.

If anyone has any problems with the program or any features to request, feel free to send us an email at!

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