New Functionality in iLearn 2.3!

The new version of iLearn has been launched, and it has plenty of reasons to leave the old version behind.

  • All saved commands are now posted to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Unit ping prior to connection will prevent the program from crashing when attempting to connect to a unit that is not there.
  • Units now autoconfigure module, connector and gaps based on the unit that is connected and the structure of the IR command.
  • Users can now use the Send IR function with GC-100 units.
  • iLearn now has a more advanced error code handling routine that will throw errors when sending IR to sensor mode connector etc...
  • The Send IR function is now disabled for SL and CC iTach units.

If anyone has any problems with the program, or any features to request, feel free to post a comment or send us an email at!

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