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IP2IR: Connection issues

Matt Roche
posted this on December 29, 2010, 9:04 PM

I have a iTach IP2IR that I hoped to use to control my satellite, LCD, and DVD.  I finally got it recognized by iHelp by using a crossover cable and assigned an IP address.  It is now reachable on the network.


However, using iRule I have tried to get it to send IR to the devices with no luck. I downloaded GCScan and have connected to the device, but it gives ERR_0:0,016 as a response, so either GCScan isn't made for the iTach or I am up a creek.

The iTach is connected to the network through a Gigabit switch, but it should autosense the speed, so I doubt that is the issue.  Would love to get this working!



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Josh Sherman
Global Caché

It sounds as though you have the unit connected to the network, and it is communicating with the unit (even though you are getting an error response from the unit). In order to send a command properly, you will need to add a carriage return to the end of the command, which in GCScan is done by hitting return so that the cursor moves to the next line in the window. We have relegated this software to the unsupported software section of our website, so we recommend using iTest (unless you are more familiar with GCScan). The iTest readme will teach you how each send function is used, and will show you how to input invisible characters via a Hex translation function.

January 13, 2011, 1:55 PM